Sunday, August 21, 2011


this is something that I lack. for the most part i wander around aimlessly seeking something to enjoy, or I will attach myself to someone else, assuming their hobbies and goals for my own. this makes it interesting when I ealise that playing computer games(which near all my friends do) does not really interest me. normally I wll come away from a computer game vegetated having used it as a time sink or anger because the game has not worked out how I wold have liked.

I am currently in the situation that I havent played a game for about a fortnight, I have also been weaning myself of webcomics another time sink that generates mixed feelings; some enjoyment from reading a good storyline, other times rage for having wasted yet more time reading pointless mind curruptions. in this time void I have been stalking facebook and the steam store for something of interest but nothing has really caught me.

at this time of confusion I have also received suggestions from my parents to do a external group hobbie thing, while their suggestions were well timed I am reluctant to take on a hobbie that is the enjoyment of someone else. however the only other ideas I have had were:

Dancing (Ben)
Rowing (Joseph)
Spear Fishing ( Brendon Harris)
Anime watching group (Brothers maybe this is a possibility watching anime by yourself is boring even if the series is AWESOME)

My conclusion: I lack motivation

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