Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I still don't know what I use facebook for. Now that I have a smartphone I seem to check it quite a bit, not so much so that I know what is happening to my friends but mostly because I feel the need to view each new post.

I have found in a few conversations that the status update serves the purpose of actual conversation and I think that is the main reason I use it for.

When I think I have an interesting story I feel the need to post it on Facebook. Sometimes I have already told a few people and other times I have been home alone and more likely to forget the story by the time I see someone.

The problem I find when I post things though is I am starting to get the strong feeling that I am a Kharmawhore, even though there is no Kharma on Facebook. I have noticed a few times that I have updated my status and kinda picked who of my friends will like it. I made the status because I knew they would like it, I suppose I could turn it around and say that they would not hear the story if I didn't post it but it still feels very unnatural.
That said I couldv'e posted this to Facebook but I figured because this gets less views I would be safe.

Been listening to a ton of Sufjan Stevens, he has quite a few Christmas songs and they are all very melodic, had it blasting from my Computer yesterday as I was cooking ANZAC biscuits and doing the dishes.

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