Sunday, June 2, 2013

A chaotic Eddy

Weeks ago I told Raskal that I was planning on writing more blogs, as I could use it as my review process for my vicarage and it would be fun to write things down so I don't forget them... But I do not do the things I want to do...

But here we are, several weeks and many stories later I am making the first move. This is going to be a blog full of embellished stories, mediocre grammar and other musings which pertain to the chaotic state of my mind.

To make a start on this I will recount the events of the last weekend which was full of people and things.

The weekend started on Friday with chopping wood, so that our wood fire would keep us warm in the night whilst we had our doors open so the house wasn't stuffy. then I had to do two lots of dishes because I hadn't done them since making lasagna and ANZAC bikkies. then people started rocking up for the board games night and we talked for about an hour while the meat was cooking.

Board games were played, gatecrashers rocked up and Nerf guns were fired, by then it was 1:00. Then, like any sane people would, Jeff and I decided that we should go to Kmart and buy a scarf for a girls birthday. we had previously asked a mutual friend what would a good present be, she said a scarf... a nice blue one... So the quest for the blue scarf commenced.

We got to Kmart, all the scarfs were dodgy and cheap looking to our manly tastes so we rejected that train of thought and went to check out the Nerf guns, which due to the blue nature we decided would be an excellent gift for a woman of 30 odd years of age.

Woke up ~8 and had to go back to the shops to buy a scarf... because... found a blue fluffy one, happiness was found and we went home, Jeff to organise computer stuff for a church Garden event and myself to 20min of wrapping a present.

The Garden thing was educational, they told us that our veggie gardens should be pretty and not in rows, they proclaimed the apocalypse to all people and the need for or own veggie gardens. They spoke into my context with their message of plant symbiosis, recently playing the game REUS where that plays a large part.

the afternoon was non eventful, but the evening contained an enjoyable meal a non surprised party and a trip to the local drinking hole where drinking was not an activity. 10:30 arrived, then sleep, sermon, vegetation, sermon, facebook conversations, Peace and an early sleep.....

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