Sunday, February 22, 2015

WOD night 2

Jack awoke in the swamp with a thirst to quench, he went into the streets and found a group of hobos sorrounding a barrel of fire and went to the most secluded, he fumbled his attempt to drink and was surprised by a group of police that had some good reason to be there, something to do with crime? Jack was surprised and ignored their commands to stop. He ran into the swamp but was followed by four cops, they chased him through the puddles and hindered every chance Jack had to hide. he took several pistol rounds to the head, but when things were looking dire one of the pistols backfired. the pursuit stopped and Jack learnt later that one of the cops fingers had been blown off in the accident.

Jack, thirsty, wounded and angry, found the others as they were organising their activities for the night.

They had a contact who was going to help them get Aisi's van off the police search list, or whatever.

Some really weird stuff happened that night, a lot of it taking Jack by surprise and causing a lot of confusion.

on the way to the meet, they found a group of ~8 year olds mugging a lady with the dog, the leader cramped his pants and then tried to run away, but the other kids cumb stomped him, Chippers crew then apprehended all the kids, but then the old ladies dog grew in size and tried to attack the captured boys. the dog stopped and then the kids dissapeared, there was probably a lot of talking going on but Jack wasn't interested.

Later on they found a guy on a bike who had some connection with the kids, Chipper tried to talk him into something which would help the guy's "master", there was some fight between some different children, but Jack just had to stand alongside Chipper and look tough. more stuff happened and words were spoken.

then they were at a night club talking to another guy who knew who they were. he had apparently cleaned up Chipper's mess of the other night, but he didn't seem to want a favour for that. but to get the Van in the OK, he sent them on a mission to find his friend? enemy? some guy that he knew across the river.

So off they went over to the other side, they talked a boaty into getting them across and then easily found the place they were looking for. It had a man doing some weird dance on the top and a guy with a whole in his torso lying out front. deffinitely suspicious.

Inside the house it was a made place, times seemed to jump around with jack having prophecies of possible future outcomes that really messed up his mind. Inside they met a guy who summoned a scary beasty, then told it to go away. then when Chipper started saying something, the guy made a metal cage appear around him, but then it didn't. there were three vampires strapped to benches and the guy wanted Aisi to drink from them to help with some research he was doing. Jack was mad keen to get a drink, because he knew how good that vampire blood could taste, and he was still hurt and upset from his failure to drink earlier.

Jack pushed Aisi aside and started drinking from one of the guys, and man it tasted good. he was grabbed by Chipper at one stage and there was lots of yelling and talking going on. Partway through his drinking Jack noticed that the vampire was Asian, and a furious rage came over him. there was no way this scum of the earth deserved the boon of undeath, The vitae that he had within him had to be redeemed and only it's removal from his tainted corpse would acheive that. Jack drank and drank though it felt like it only took a few seconds.and then when there was no vitae left Jack continued on. He would not let that Asian bastards soul leave to wherever Vampire souls go, Jack would enslave it to his will, dominate it and destroy it and so he continued to drink.

When he had finished he felt a blisful joy for a few moments before the voices started, He could hear the voices of the previous vitae owners in his head, thankfully the asian was not amoungst them but Jack was drinken to save the comrades of him anyway, He noticed that they guy was now a crumpled heap in the corner, it seemed he had fallen through a tear in space and then Heath had mercilessly butchered him.

when the other vampires where free one enraged and attacked the corpse of the guy ageing everything around him, the boss vampire, put him to sleep and then had a yarn with George and Heath, seemed this was his place and the dead guy was a mage. he had some Rod that Vampire boss wanted to destroy, eh there were heaps of voices in Jack's head he wasn't sure which ones were real, though they all felt real.

They left the house and tunred in for the day their mission complete, but Jack couldn't help but feel odd about his actions, he decided he should probably stay low for a bit because some of the other vampires he had met well complete fools who did not see those yellow swine for the cancer they truly were. Surely his gangrel brethren would be fine with iit though, but as George said, probably wasn't the kind of thing you wanted to go telling people about.

But man did that blood taste good.

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