Sunday, February 22, 2015

WOD night 1

WOD Campaign.

Jack Tarmikos was enjoying his new existence as one of the undead, He had been learning a lot about the ways of the gangrel from his mentor though he had found it difficult to find backpacking work at night, and had moved out of the hostel choosing to live in the swamp. Sleeping uderground made searching for shelter redundant, and he could normally find an unsuspecting hobo to quench his thirst.

His first major meeting he met up with a group of other newly turned vampires, it seemed that they would form a coterie and take over the area surrounding the police beat. a terrible place t hunt with a remarkably high police presence.

In the coterie there was George chipper, a smooth talking Ventrue, Alex Pierre a Nosferatu who never seemed to be around, Heath Macarthor, another Nosferatu who very much enjoyed jumping around all over the place and sticking knives in things, Aisi Lokison, a massive Tongan Mekhet, was was good at patching up human and had a van.

The first night in their new turf saw an encounter with the previous holders. It seemed a clerical error that the same turf was assigned to two different coteries.

Chipper's crew, had parked the van and were surveying their turf, when a savage rage came over Chipper and Aisi. Heath managed to restrain Aisi, but Chipper charged forward at the threat, Jack ran alongside of him, eager to combat whatever was lurking in the shadows. the man took blows from Chipper and a heavy kick from Jack before dissapearing from sight only leaving the echoes of rapid footstes.
whilst that was happening a shooter took potshots at the others from the second story of a nearby building and another assailant appeared. Jack ran up into the building but found no one inside, though a brief search found a stach of Crystal Meth. When he came out the others had dispatched the assailants who they now assumed were the previous holders to the land. apon finding the bodies Jack decided to replenish some of his lost vitae, but the blood was tainted with Meth causing him to spit out the blood in revulsion, though there was a special joy he got from tasting the collected vitae of another vampire.

Jack dragged one of the two unconcsios Vampires from the street into the Van where the others had the third. Aisi and Alex went to take care of the crime scene and the third vampire when Jack noticed the noise of police sirens.
He quickly got behind the wheel of the car taking the keys off from chipper. due to some insane luck he reversed out of the park just before the police got there, and drove away to the sounds of screeching tyres and colliding metal.
As Jack drove Chipper and Heath happily stabbed away at the two vampires in the back of the decomisioned ambulance until they were nothing but ash. they stashed the van and hid out at Chippers place until the others got there.

While Jack had taken the Van, Aisi and Alex had ashed the other vampire and had found a meth addicted ghoul whom Aisi had given a drink and some opiates.

When the coterie had gathered they went over to the releif centre at the showgrounds, where Aisi volunteered his medical skill with the others serving as assistants. there they had a safe secluded room with steady patients from whom they could refill their vitae. after that the crew went their seperate ways, with Jack finding a patch of dirt in the swamp. they would worry about the van and whatever else in the next night.

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