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Yes, the footnotes worked

Greetings my fellow brother in the search for true lore,
      I have here compiled a brief understanding of a character of interest for both you and I. the Character in question is of course Voadkyn the werewolf. I hope the following information comes to you in good stead with your own research and creates mirth where there might not have been.

      As always, birth is a good beginning and for Voadkyn this occurred in Moonwood[1] to a werewolf[2] tribe of the "People of the Black Blood."[3] Voadkyn received his name from an elder who had travelled to Cold Wood and met the local inhabitants - Voadkyns[4] -tree giants known for their dislike of jovial behaviour and preference for brooding and silence.
      Voadkyn exhibited the traits of his namesake not willingly joining in the play-fights of his brothers and often throwing fights organised by the tribes. Wary of the spotlight he preferred to remain in the shadows. When it was revealed that his lycanthropic nature was playing second fiddle to the Tuathan[5] blood in his veins the tribe was all too happy to comply.
      Despite his more passive shape change forms, the tribe did not disown him and welcomed the fruits of his hunting. Voadkyn had an unnatural endurance and could remain motionless for days with his longbow ready, waiting for the opportune time to strike.
      He would have lived out the rest of his days in the same way if not for a travelling priestess of Malar. While his tribe were devout followers of Malar, they rarely had contact with a priest or priestess. This lack of contact had let Voadkyn and his longbow slip through a crack. While they themselves did not use bows or ranged weapons, the tribe did not condemn Voadkyn for doing so. This was rectified when the travelling priestess announced that the tribe would celebrate the High Hunt[6] and chose Voadkyn to be the mark due to his heretical hunting style." Taste the blood of those you slay, and never kill from a distance."[7]
      Using a combination of stealth and traps Voadkyn easily escaped the bloodthirsty werewolves his tribe had become. Knowing that he was therefore exempt from further High Hunts and the unlikeliness that the priest chose him in the first place, Voadkyn asked for a prized tribal Carrikal. The carrikal has immense significance for the tribe as it was made from the jawbone of one of the tribe's great leaders. Voadkyn then vowed to make his kills as bloody as the jagged weapon would allow, uphold the tribal law and hold to the teachings of Malar.
      However, it was not long before he could feel the piercing eyes of his fellow tribe-members and their jealousy that a runt would receive such an esteemed weapon. A tribal outcast was a bad thing to be in werewolf territory but that was what Voadkyn found himself becoming. One day whilst hunting a quarry, that would create respect in the eyes of his tribe and Malar, he went beyond his tribe's border. Losing his quarry despite a hunt that made Malar proud, Voadkyn's Tuathan blood cried out to continue. To continue the hunt of prey unknown in lands unknown. At this turn of events, the night that had always been Voadkyn's friend began to bear its fangs. As Voadkyn continued he heard the howls of wolves in the air and saw the shadows move with images of ghostly wolves, the tribe was hunting him.
      Running from a tribe that he continued to see in the shadows and following the wonder-lust of his Tuathan blood he ventured towards civilisation. When Voadkyn first encountered the creatures known as sheep, he was pleasantly surprised that such a dumb animal existed for his consumption. Unfortunately, simple dogs or farmers with sticks (not much of a challenge for a werewolf runt who had mastered his shape-changing and stealth techniques) often guarded the sheep. The adventurers that soon followed proved to be more difficult. Nevertheless, the equipment they possessed was an adequate reimbursement. Thus too was Voadkyn's life until arriving in Moonstair.  
      In Moonstair Voadkyn heard the summons to create an adventuring party. The goal was to investigate strange disappearances in the surrounding forest. While the mayor was apparently clueless to the contributing forces to Voadkyn's keen senses there was the smell of undeath. For the Voadkyn's tribe, who revelled in blood and the thrill of the hunt, the scourge of the undead was an unnecessary evil that would be best back in the ground. The possible sojourn to the fey-world solidified the deal; a chance to return to the land of his ancestors was an unmissable opportunity. However, this sojourn to the undead-tainted fey-world had an unforeseeable side effect for Voadkyn. The taint on the land attached itself to Voadkyn making a shadowy character literally shadowy.[8]
      Now this story has not yet reached a conclusion, and using my vast unknowable powers I have seen into Voadkyn's soul. I have seen his wishes and desires, what he hopes to attain in the short and long-term, such information that I am willing to share with you for your reading pleasure. Voadkyn is currently choosing to continue with this adventuring party confident that he can disappear into the shadows should things go awry. He is reluctantly optimistic that this party, this tribe can and will protect its members should or when his past life catches up to him. Until that time it seems that Voadkyn will continue to train his stealth techniques, master his bloodthirsty fighting style, all the while stretching his legs for the inevitable time when again he will be on the run.[9]

P.S.  I have yet to research the particular tribe that Voadkyn was born into or even the fate of his sires, as I am sure that you would be better able to find information on such topics. A clarification should be made into the reason why Voadkyn runs. I for one have not found any evidence that his tribe is actually hunting him. I am currently entertaining the possibility that his mind is simply creating these fantasies as result of worshiping his bloodthirsty deity and the guilt that often accompanies those fellows who seek paths of evil rather than good.
P.P.S       If any clarification needs to be made please write me and I will be hasty to respond.
Your friend, the one writing this letter

[1] http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/Moonwood
[2] Werewolves have the shape-changer sub-type however, as a Tuathan I do not. Can I? If I did then I should probably also be allergic to silver, or maybe because I am a runt I did not pick-up that weakness. Another awesome feature of lycans is that they are bearers of disease, that would be another one of those little perks that I love adding to my characters :P
[3] http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/People_of_the_Black_Blood
[4] http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/Voadkyn
[5] Tuathans are born with fey blood however they are not qualified as fey. Can I be?
[6] http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/High_Hunt
[7] http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/Malar

[8] Haunting shade [multiclass skill] changes my origin to shadow, having written this footnote last it might be that you can only have one origin, if in the case this is true then I don't really need to have the fey Origin as well. Because I can't :P
[9] Paragon path (Intrepid Scout)

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